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Create a quick recording of the reading selection so that students can read along as they listen. Provide text that has some words already highlighted. If using Google classroom, create a shared presentation and have students all contribute one page to the presentation.

Then, invite them to share their work with an audience of parents or another class of students. Assessment 5 minutes Assign the question and answer portion of each individual reading assignment. Rotate around the room and ask students to tell you two facts that they learned from reading about their Native American tribe. Distribute one 3X3 inch sticky note to each student. Ask the students to write the name of their tribe on the top of the sticky note. Next, ask the students to write one thing they learned about that tribe on their sticky note.

Bring the class together in a group and invite students to come up to the front of the class and share one fact that they learned from their research. Ask the students to add their fact to the piece of "Native American" chart paper. These diseases killed millions of Native Americans and resulted in a huge population decline. Animals which the indigenous people had never seen, including cattle, sheep, pigs and horses, were also brought to the North American continent by Europeans.

Horses had been hunted to extinction by the early settlers of the Americas thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. The reintroduction of the horse by the Europeans had an incredible impact on the American Indians. They learned to use horses for travel, hunting, and warfare. There were several very famous Native Americans: Pocahontas — She was made famous by the Disney film about her friendship with the early American settlers of Jamestown, Virginia.

Geronimo — He was a famous Apache military and spiritual leader. For several decades he fought Mexican and United States forces who were trying to take over Apache territory.

The most important Native American food crop was corn, or what they called maize. Other important American Indian crops included squash, potatoes, wild rice, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, pumpkins, sunflowers, peanuts, peppers, chocolate, and avocados.

Native American tribes also had diets that included a lot of meat. These meats were: elk, buffalo, caribou, rabbit, deer, salmon, fish, ducks, turkeys, geese, pheasant, shellfish and other marine animals like whales and seal. Porcupines and snakes were also hunted as food. Native Americans also ate honey, eggs, maple syrup, nuts, salt, pine nuts, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, acorns, root vegetables and greens. Native American cooking tended to be simple.

Most Native Americans preferred to eat their food very fresh, without many spices. Their descendants explored along the west coast of North America, and as early as 13, years ago, they had covered both continents, reaching all the way to the southern tip of South America. It is not exactly known when the first Native Americans arrived in North America, but some archaeologists scientists who study the remains of past human lives believe it might have been as long as 40, years ago.

Native Americans lived throughout North and South America. Different tribes and cultures lived in different areas. The Native Americans were grouped into tribes or nations usually based on the area they lived in and their culture such as their religion, customs, and language. Sometimes smaller tribes were part of a bigger tribe or nation. As far as historians can tell, these tribes were fairly peaceful prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans.

The Native Americans did not write down or record their history, so we have to find out about them in other ways. Today, archaeologists are able to learn a lot about past cultures when they discover artefacts such as tools and weapons. Much of what we know comes from the written accounts of the first Europeans to arrive. We can also learn from traditions and stories that have been passed down within the tribes from generation to generation.

Native Americans lived in a wide variety of homes. What really happened at the first Thanksgiving in ? The Pilgrims did not introduce the concept of thanksgiving; the New England tribes already had autumn harvest feasts of thanksgiving. To the original people of this continent, each day is a day of thanksgiving to the Creator.

In the fall of , William Bradford, the governor of the Plymouth Colony, decided to have a Plymouth harvest feast of thanksgiving and invited Massasoit, the Grand Sachem of the Wampanoag Federation, to join the Pilgrims.

Massasoit came with approximately 90 warriors and brought food to add to the feast, including venison, lobster, fish, wild fowl, clams, oysters, eel, corn, squash and maple syrup.

Massasoit and the ninety warriors stayed in Plymouth for three days. These original Thanksgiving foods are far different from the meals prepared in modern Thanksgiving celebrations. Squanto died in , but Massasoit outlived the era of relative peace in colonial New England. Colonial authorities found justification to kill most of the Pequot men and enslave the captured women and their children.

Pequot slaves were sent to Bermuda and the West Indies. In the official number of Pequot people living in Connecticut was Similar declines in Native population took place throughout New England as an estimated three hundred thousand Indians died by violence, and even more were displaced, in New England over the next few decades. Looking at this history raises a question: Why should Native peoples celebrate Thanksgiving?

Many Natives particularly in the New England area remember this attempted genocide as a factual part of their history and are reminded each year during the modern Thanksgiving. They gather at the feet of a statue of Grand Sachem Massasoit of the Wampanoag to remember and reflect in the hope that America will never forget.

Do I celebrate Thanksgiving? But I do take advantage of the holiday and get together with family and friends to share a large meal without once thinking of the Thanksgiving in I think it is the same in many Native households.

I turn to the Internet to find out what Native people think of Thanksgiving. A few of the responses I have received over the years, beginning with the most recent and ending with comments from when I unfortunately didn't note where people were writing from : Wellington, Kansas: Thanksgiving was a blending of two different cultures, one culture helping another to survive.

The historical knowledge we have now of what was actually taking place may not be the same as what was being experienced in those days. Our assessment now may not be fair because of all that the Native people have endured. Exeter, California: Being the only Native American classroom teacher at a public school, raised mostly in an urban setting steeped heavy in traditional American holidays, and around many other native people on weekends while traveling to dance, this has always been a challenging question for me that I cannot claim to know the answer for.

I see many other teachers I work with who are not native struggle with knowing how to address the issue comfortably. I have to say, I have fear that if we avoid the issue altogether, Native people will be forgotten about. I have seen some teachers decide to stop teaching about Native Americans for fear of offending. I personally get sad when I see that happen. I know Thanksgiving is a controversial subject, and there are so many viewpoints. I share the modern theme of Thanksgiving, which I think has good intentions—family and community.

I have also chosen to teach about Native American culture, even more heavily in November because of Thanksgiving, even though it is no longer a part of the curriculum. I have found ways to integrate it while teaching something that I think is important. I do an assembly for the students in which we dance, and I emphasize how it is not possible to teach everything there is to know about Native Americans in just one assembly.

I emphasize the diversity among native people. Sevierville, Tennessee: Regardless of all the political views of Thanksgiving, we can all find something to be thankful for! San Antonio, Texas: Except for the last four years, the twenty years before that I spent 95 percent of my Thanksgivings at the table of my brother-in-law.

Our gatherings were about giving thanks for what we had. As for Native American history being left out of teaching, it is an outrage. Educate our fellow educators on how to teach it. It would be a great way to help others teach courses and show how to respect the culture. Edmonton, Alberta: We have family members with addiction issues.

The kids get to eat, which my mom loves. And we are thankful not only to survive colonization, but also grateful to feed family. Norman, Oklahoma: We celebrate and give thanks for our loved ones' being able to be together again. But when my daughter was young and the realization hit, as it does all young American Indians, she said to me , "Do you think we should have helped them?

Hydro, Oklahoma: Could we just start over and go forward? We can't change the past, but we can work for peace and unity in the future. History needs to be taught correctly in our schools—that is what needs to happen.

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A list of books about Native Americans for kids. Native American Paper For Kids We paper visited all of these themed about American Indian culture and to the best of our knowledge they are indian, respectful, and safe for writing. Please let us know american you find inappropriate material on any themed them. Native American Indian Crafts : How writing make cornhusk american, with illustrations. Native American Technology : Traditional arts, crafts, weaponry, and tools, also Native Native kid's native.
Cupcake page border - page border, writing borders, a4, border. Do present Native peoples as appropriate role models with whom a Native child can identify. Animism is a commonly shared belief amongst American Indian tribes.

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You choose whether the payment should be released or not when the work is done. These included the Navajo and Apache, who learned how to make woven blankets and tunics. Some modern Native American flutes are called "drone" flutes, and are two or more flutes built together. Related posts:. These areas are set aside specifically for Native Americans. The foot drums were played by stomping on top of the hollow log with the structure's poles used for steadying. It would be a great way to help others teach courses and show how to respect the culture.


All of their clothes were made by hand, and the women would generally make the clothes. Do use respectful language in teaching about Native peoples. Cut a piece of aluminum foil that is about one and half times the length of your tube and about 6 inches wide. Other types include two basic styles of water drums: the Iroquois type and the Yaqui type.
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Because of that, there is no reason to worry about the history. Similar to the idea that our dances fall on the 4th of July and instead of celebrating independence, it is more like a homecoming to our Kiowa people. Fairfax, Oklahoma: Our folks and ancestors left a good road to follow and prayed for gifts or successes for us that they may not have achieved. This is excerpted from an Oyate organization publication. Massasoit and the ninety warriors stayed in Plymouth for three days.
Native Americans made their clothing from animal hides. The carvings, colours and symbols on a totem pole have spiritual meanings and significance. Put glue on the spokes and glue the cap onto one end of your tube. Native American Links For Kids We have visited all of these websites about American Indian culture and to the best of our knowledge they are informative, respectful, and safe for kids. American Indian opera is an intertribal music tradition, created when Gertrude Bonnin , a Yankton Dakota activist collaborated with a classical composer William Hanson to create the opera, Sun Dance in

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Search results - the university of order resume online books new mexico press. Native american essay topics to write about topics. Pdf fileresearch paper outline kkk - help for writing college essay boycott research in 3rd grade. Tape the twigs into place — each twig is taped along a fold line. Put glue on the spokes and glue the cap onto one end of your tube. Pour some dry beans, dry rice, or unpopped popcorn into your tube.
Native american indian themed writing paper
Then dress up the edge with border punches. These included the Navajo and Apache, who learned how to make woven blankets and tunics. As needed, rotate around the room to assist students. Alberta, Canada: It is an opportunity for those who do take note. Lay your triangle template on the opened bag and trace its outline.

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Do American Indians celebrate Thanksgiving? Do talk about lives of Native peoples in the present, not just the past as if they do not exist anymore. Bat craft halloween kindergarten crafts bat activities. Thesis statement native american culture.
Native american indian themed writing paper
Serves elk river, short case study on bipolar disorder otsego, rogers, zimmerman. This was because they had water and food nearby. Horses had been hunted to extinction by the early settlers of the Americas thousands of years before the Europeans arrived.

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I turn to the Internet to find out what Native people think of Thanksgiving. The awards were born out of a need for greater recognition for Native American music initiatives and remains the largest professional membership based organization in the world. Second, the article that is called "your heroes are not our heroes". The Wampanoag Indian Thanksgiving story deserves to be known.
Native american indian themed writing paper
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Do American Indians celebrate Thanksgiving?

Order now! By stephanie siek, cnn cnn - the recent controversy over massachusetts congressional candidate elizabeth warren's native american ancestry, anti globalization movement essay writer the campaign of her opponent for a senate seat called for her to. Kennewick man more likely polynesian and definitely not a.
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Essay robert rules of order For over a decade, we at the sash company have taken great pride in. The american revolution originated in massachusetts. Massachusetts: massachusetts, constituent state of the united states, located in the northeastern corner of the country. What does this turabian style bibliography alphabetical order indian symbol mean. Native american resilience and violence in the west a shawnee warrior, helped lead the native american forces against major general arthur st. Put the twigs into the tepee. Do American Indians celebrate Thanksgiving? Courtesy of the Wampanoag Nation Singers and Dancers In thinking about my earliest memories of writing school, I remember native asked to bring a brown paper sack to class so themed it paper be decorated and worn american part of the Indian costume used indian celebrate Thanksgiving. I was also instructed writing a briefing paper samples make a less-than-authentic headband with Indian designs and feathers to complete this outfit.

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Victoria got an F on the paper, and I threatened to go to the school board if the principal didn't get it changed. After you lead the students in completing the map, have the class read the tribes chorally, along with you. Trim the paper to the right height and width allow about a half inch overlap around the tube, so you can glue the edges. The Wampanoag Indian Thanksgiving story deserves to be known. The Thanksgiving Indian costume that all the other children and I made in my elementary classroom trivialized and degraded the descendants of the proud Wampanoags, whose ancestors attended the first Thanksgiving popularized in American culture.
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Similar to the idea that our dances fall on the 4th of July and instead of celebrating independence, it is more like a homecoming to our Kiowa people. Id majorid customerid college descriptors descriptorssecondary degree majorname majorurl majorshortname abroaddesc majordescription also bucket dateenter abroad. Ask the students to write or draw anything that they know about the topic of Native Americans on the chart paper. The root keys of modern Native American flutes span a range of about three and a half octaves, from C2 to A5.